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About Us

 This is a shout out to all of the African professionals out there, living in Africa and in the diaspora. You may be thinking about how to share your skills and gifts with other communities around the world but do not know how to extend your reach. You may be searching for a platform that allows you to work from within your community to help reverse the “African brain drain.” 

 You are not alone. There are other concerned African innovators and professionals just like you out there. When you join together, you show the world the might and glory of Africa. We have created the ultimate platform for Africa professionals to network and reverse the brain drain. We welcome you to AfroPro, an online community of educated, passionate professionals building Africa together. 

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Our mission has two main facets:

  •  To bring together like-minded individuals who want to bring bounty to Africa without needing to separate themselves from their homeland
  •  To serve as a platform for African professionals in the diaspora who may or can not go back to the continent for different reasons but who would still want to list their services for the betterment of the continent and its people. 


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